Buyer's Guide to Sofas & Sleepers


In no category of home furnishings will you have a greater selection of styles and qualities than that of sofas. And while the aesthetics of the piece are certainly important, ultimately, comfort should be first and foremost. In order to simplify the selection process, you might find it convenient to group sofas by the style of their backs. Arguably, no other aspect of the piece has a greater affect on the way a sofa looks and feels. You will find that all sofas can be grouped into four back-style categories.

Four back-style categories :

Buyer's Guide to Chairs

Perhaps the most personal of all furniture purchases is the chair. When chosen carefully to fit your size, taste and personality it will often become your favorite refuge. Thousands of different chair styles have been designed over the years. And while their construction is in some ways similar to sofas, there are enough differences to warrant a closer look.

Three style categories:

Buyer's Guide To Wood Furniture

Although seldom seen, the interior construction of a piece of wood furniture will determine its longevity more so than its decorative exterior. Today the most common construction methods utilize a combination of solid hardwoods, plywood and pressed wood commonly referred to as particle board or chip core.

Five different categories: